The Day Breaks

Continuous large format LightJet print. 50 x 577 inches (127 x 1465cm) Array assembly: salvaged enlarger lenses, ABS pipe, copper fittings, rubber O-rings, fibre-optic cable, aluminum extrusions, wood, clamps, hacked scanner. Edition of 1

Via Lactea (series on-going)

Actual colour of these works cannot be represented as they are beyond the gamut of digital displays. Archival inkjet print on Hahnemuehle gloss Baryta 320 Wood frame with Artglass UV/AR 40x40 inches (102x102 cm) Each an edition of 6

Cloudmaking (viewed under the principle of least time, or constructive interference), 2013

Magnifying lenses, borosilicate flask, antique bunsen burner, brass fixtures, ipe wood, metal stand. 11 x 28 x 44 inches (28 x 71 x 111cm)

Spectrum Studies (series on-going)

Archival inkjet print on DiBond, UV laminate, wood frame. 30 x 31.5 inches (76cm x 80cm) Each an edition of 5

33 Views of M33

Laser engraved tungsten light bulbs, porcelain lamp holders, wiring, dimmer circuit, electronics. Dimensions variable, Edition of 3

Untitled (an object kindly enclyning)

1080P HD video, continuous loop

Transit (viewed through unexposed processed transparency film), 2012

Archival inkjet print on Hahnemuehle Gloss Baryta 320, wood frame with Artglass UV/AR. 39x48 inches (99x122 cm) Edition of 6. Transit Day (video) included in exhibitions only.


Blue phosphorescent and fluorescent pigments, UV lamps, custom arduino/dimmer/drive units, metal fixtures. Dimensions variable.

La Lune Perdue

Daguerreotype in custom white oak frame, sealed glass casing. 20x16 inches, edition of 2+1 Huge thanks to Adam Fuss Studio, NY and the BC Arts Council for assistance in realizing this project.


Darkroom C-prints on aluminum, UV laminate. Each 12.5 x 18.5 inches (31 x 31cm) Edition of 5 (each edition a suite of ten works)

Empty Moon (for Yves Klein)

Double-walled aluminum bowl, automotive paint and mirror polish, milk, drip vessel, 6 snooted narrow-beam LED lights. Dimensions variable. Edition of 1

Hydro Poles Shadowing (after Muybridge) 2002/2010

Lightjet print on Ultramount, UV acrylic, wood frame. 10 x 62 inches (25 x 157cm) Edition of 5

Torture Box (145,071 kms in 1:21:03 @ 1676 km/min)

1080P HD video, 1:21:03

Light Adjustments (Centre of the Universe)

1080P HD video, 14:41 mins

The Oracle and the Outcast

1080P HD video, 7:32 mins

The sun was born in darkness, to shine for a time, only to return to darkness

A performance-based sculptural work


1080P HD video, 4:19 mins

Rememoration Works

Omen, 2018

Archival inkjet print on Lasal paper, custom wood frame, Artglass UV/AR. 48”x39” (122x99cm) Edition of 6 and 20”x16” (51x41cm) Edition of 20

Crepuscule, 2003-2006

Archival Inkjet prints on Aluminum, UV face laminate, polished edges. Each work 36” x 36” (91x91cm) Edition of 6