If you are paying attention, there are amazing things happening right now all the time.


The sun was born in darkness, to shine for a time, only to return to darkness, 2016

Reconfigured rotary slide projector, high intensity bulb, parabolic reflector, aspherical lens, black slides. Dimensions Variable. Unique.

A performance-based sculptural work. 100 processed unexposed transparency slides run continuously through the projector. Light (and heat) from the bulb, constrained by the parabolic reflector and focused down to a hot point of light at the film plane of the slides by the aspherical lens, cause the black slides to eventually burn though. A birthing of successive suns.


Cloudmaking (viewed under the principle of least time, or constructive interference), 2013

Magnifying lenses, borosilicate flask, antique bunsen burner, brass fixtures, ipe wood, metal stand. 11 x 28 x 44 inches (28 x 71 x 111cm). Edition of 3, each unique

"Light does not know in advance nor does it need to know which path will turn out to be the one of least time: it tries all paths, but only paths very close to the path of least time do not eliminate each other".
This performative sculptural work manipulates and refracts light through multiple lenses in order to form a magnified image of a droplet of water. The droplet of water is also a lens and so the scene beyond the work can be seen in wide-angle view. As the droplet gets larger, and heavier, it eventually falls and hits the heated dish above the burner and becomes steam, almost like a cloud. The light from this action is inverted by the lenses, and so the "cloud" of steam is seen to fall.


33 Views of M33, 2011

Laser engraved tungsten light bulbs, porcelain lamp holders, wiring, dimmer circuit, electronics. Dimensions variable, Edition of 3

33 Views of M33 is a sculptural installation work about the physical limits of human sight, light pollution, and decreased visibility in the night sky. The work is composed of 33 tungsten light bulbs arranged in the pattern of the Triangulum constellation, 32 of which are connected to a photocel/arduino/dimmer circuit that makes them slowly dim up or down according the level of daylight outside. Each of the bulbs is laser engraved with a unique image of galaxy M33, the furthest object you can see with the unaided eye in the night sky. The work 33 Views of M33 is a play on this role of light pollution marker: as the artificial light intensity grows, the visibility of the galactic images is obscured.

Many thanks to Bobbi Kozinuk for electronics system design and fabrication.


Aurorae, 2012

Blue phosphorescent and fluorescent pigments, UV lamps, custom arduino/dimmer/drive units, metal fixtures. Dimensions variable.

"Typically Massey’s work accentuates and amplifies natural phenomena, often heightened through artificial means or via slight manipulations. Aurorae draws our attention to the shifting nature of light. By making an intervention into the volume of the existing window vitrines and their lighting, he creates a subtle animation of the façade. Using light itself as material and giving substance to the intangible, periodic changes in intensity set the building in motion, in effect suggesting something alive within." Nigel Prince, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver

The phosphorescent and fluorescent pigments are set in clear base, with each responding to the UV inputs in different ways. The phosphorescent pigments absorb UV light and re-emit the light once the source has been shut off (lamp or daylight), while the fluorescent pigments respond immediately to the source and only while it is present. The intensity of each UV lamp is turned up or down by a standard household dimmer unit controlled by a small drive motor, which is in turn controlled by a customized integrated circuit. Each circuit runs independently and randomly selects from one of eight time intervals from 1 second up/down to 32 seconds up/down. With the intensity of light in each window constantly and randomly changing, the entire facade of the gallery is set in motion, as cycles align or fall out of synch.