Massey's work explores the confluence of art and science whereby he accentuates and amplifies natural phenomena, often heightened through artificial means or via slight manipulations, based on research into areas of physics, cosmology, astronomy, and other scientific disciplines. Light as a medium and image-making apparatus are fundamental aspects of his practice, employed in both the creation and presentation of works.

The ground glass lens has always played a pivotal role in Massey’s work, most obviously through the medium of photography, but also as a fundamental instrument of light gathering. He has argued in past work that the ground glass lens has had an incalculable influence on our understanding of the world. This effect can in fact be traced back to Galileo whose lens-based observations of the moons of Jupiter led him to confirm the heliocentric theories of Copernicus. Thus it could be argued further that the ground glass lens actually led to a cosmological shift away from a religious-based world view into a science-based understanding of the universe. Much of what we currently comprehend about the universe and ourselves can be traced back to the invention of the ground glass lens.

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