Rememoration Piece (grass ring)

Rememoration Piece #1 deals with the troubled effects of light on the growth processes of, in this case, lawn grasses. A standard industrial bay lamp is hung very near to the floor, surrounded by a large, circular planter of lawn grass grown from seed. As the grass seed grows, it is phototropically drawn towards the lamp on a horizontal plane. The lamp is controlled by a mechanical timer set to replicate the rising and setting of the sun for which it stands in. Also at play here are the confusing labels of “natural” and “artificial”. The obviously industrial nature of the lamp is called into question by the use of a full-spectrum (sunlight) bulb, and the old-world notions of landscape and Nature conjured up by the planting of lush seed grass are undermined by the use of genetically engineered seeds. Sub-textual in the work is also the newly recognized effects of urban lighting on the natural growth/dormant stages of sessile organisms.